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Project of publishing a book of photographs about traditional fishing aboard the Airosa

Photographs: Séverine Dabadie
Interviews and Design: Christiane Etchezaharreta and Séverine Dabadie

- Why the Airosa?
Because it is the oldest boat (1953) of the St Jean-de-Luz port and the only surviving witness of the great time fishing. It is one of Franch's few boats classified historic monument (since 2002). However, it is still active and fishing aboard in the Basque tradition.
Its majestic silhouette is unique on the sea.

- What practical fishing there?
It is one of the few boats authorized to fish bluefin tuna with fishing's rods and the technique of bait (Peita). The techniques used are respectful of fisheries resources and considered eco-responsible by defense agencies of nature. Night work called ring net net is also very special and has rarely been treated.

It is a rare testimony, the last vestige of a bygone era.

Synopsis of the book:

- Text available in French. A bilingual (French-Basque) or trilingual (French-Basque-Castilian) should be considered.

- A preface and introduction supported by selected quotations.

- A text Mikel Epalza chaplain of the fishermen (and former fisherman).

- Interview with Didier Martinez, boss of the Airosa and descendant of a long line of fishermen based in St Jean-de-Luz / Ciboure. Testimony sensitive of a free man.

- Sequence uninterrupted series of photographs: life on board, night fishing live bait (anchovies, sardines) called "Peita" traditional bluefin tuna fishing, night fishing for ring net (mackerel), fish landing to the auction.

- More than 180 color photographs, captions, available in full screen.

- An interview with Serge Larzabal, former fisherman, a descendant of a long line of fishermen based in St Jean-de-Luz / Ciboure and Chairman of the Local Marine Fisheries of Bayonne. He is the representative and negotiator of Basque fishermen fishing quotas with national and international institutions. Balance and perspective of fishing.

- An interview with Charles Montet, former skipper and President of the SNSM (National Sea Rescue).

All rights reserved texts and pictures. © Séverine Dabadie