Not from the agricultural field, Jon Bonnet is a recently settled young shepherd. He took over the cayolar and the herd of manex black head of a former retired, Mixel Aire, son of the famous bertsulari and shepherd Xalbador. We found it in summer on the heights of Sorogain in the Kintoa, overlooking the valley of Baigorri. He talks about his passion for the mountain and the sheep but also about the special difficulties of the landless shepherd.

Jon Bonnet offers lambs to order. It produces in the mountains a cheese tasty and typical but also cheese farm prepared in plain in Bardos.

You can get it by contacting it:
Phone: 06 42 55 77 26

Jon Bonnet
Borne Aroubere Area

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Passionate about the mountain, Jon BONNET met shepherds who gave him the desire to become a shepherd himself.

"I trained in the mountains, I ended up meeting shepherds, it made me want to do this job.I trained in Ariège as a shepherd of high mountains.This allowed me to do several seasons As a herd guardian.

Being not from a family of farmers, the meeting with Michel AIRE was decisive. Berger in Urepel, he agreed to sponsor my installation. We worked together for a year, before I resumed the herd and the summer.

Mid May, I transhume with my flock of black-headed sheep in Behaskoain, above Urepel, direction Sorogain. Until the end of June, I milk the sheep and I make the cheese of estives that I begin to refine in etxola. For six months I saw the rhythm of the mountain and the herd.

In November, I go down on a farm in Bardos before lambing. The sheep spend the winter there. The sheep graze every day and are fed hay, regain, alfalfa and corn. I also make cheese on the farm.

From Easter to mid April, I propose lambs to order ".