Grégoire is a farmer, passionate about traditions, culture, dance and music. He works at the family farm in Ainharp in the province of Soule. Wishing to reconnect with the methods of yesteryear, he resumed the herd of manex black head of Felix Bassaber, shepherd without land in the retreat who, throughout his life, was able to observe these mountains evolve inexorably. Grégoire, 26 years old, climbs every year in summer at the cayolar of Eltzegainia in Ahüski in the Arbailles, practice manual shearing and milking. A beautiful story of transmission between a former shepherd and a young purist wanting to prove that ancestral methods can also be the future of pastoralism.

A beautiful article from the newspaper Libération about Grégoire: HERE

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Grégoire Lauga
Maison Choho
64130 Ainharp
Tél. : 05 59 65 77 97