At the farm Erbinia in Tardets, on the flanks of the Madeleine, everyone is busy. Here, at all costs, the activity is maintained because it allows transmission. We wanted to meet Anita Pitrau and her daughter Françoise to try to understand the legacy of Jean Pitrau (Maite, the elder sister was busy). More than 30 years after his disappearance, his wife and daughter received us with infinite kindness to share an afternoon, some reflections and some memories. Modest and discreet, these women are incredibly bold. Jean Pitrau is that peasant who, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, raised mountains to make the revolt, the cry of the shepherds and the peasants, in the highest place. The pastoral world owes him much. His farm, which the sheep invariably transcend on the heights of Larrau, directed for several years by women, still holds. Today, Françoise and Daniel are preparing to pass it on to their son, Marc. The spirit of this great man is always there, in the heart of this family.

Direct sale of high quality products: milk lambs, cheese and yogurts made with sheep's milk

Françoise Pitrau
Farm House Erbinia

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