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In the mists of Urkulu, not far from the tower erected by the Romans, one sees some cayolars in the midst of the vast pasture lands. In one of them, we met this generous and passionate shepherd, Jean-Bernard Maitia. Born out of the pastoral environment, he took the cayolar of his father to send his flock frolicking in these wide spaces or vegetable and mineral blend in a majestic landscape. Often, a little guy accompanies him happily, his 12-year-old son, Anthony. Eager to learn the craft, to understand this environment, he crapahute in the midst of sheep and valleys with the same luster as his father in the look. Both test their cheeses, feast on breuil and live with simplicity and complicity that life Anthony dreams of sharing one day, the opportunity to address the delicate theme of the transmission and future of the mountains.

Jean -Bernard elaborates in the mountains an exceptional cheese that you can obtain by contacting him:
Phone: 06 30 58 94 68

It also offers lambs to order and wonderfull cheeses