Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh but also an old Mughal capital whose ruins are grand and numerous. Constitute half of a Hindu community and the other a Muslim community composed by many Shiias. It is a city rich in history and still very active today, a fascinating city ...
The Muslim component of India often escapes to the comments we hear on this country in general. Whether from the Sufis of Delhi or Lucknow Shias, how to live Islam in India has something to hold our interest.
Each year, Shiites commemorate the month of Moharam Ashura and more particularly, to celebrate the martyrdom of Hussein (Muhammad's son-small), in an outpouring of faith, sadness ... and blood.
The richness of their culture, pride in their origins, the uprightness of these men and women, their rigor, their education, their elegance, courtesy are the hallmarks of the city. Faces and scenes of a beauty of a bygone age, an age-old tradition of respect, education and wealth. I was talking about the savagery of these religious practices and in particular of Ashura. I considered it rather as a journey through pain, prayer, faith and the exaltation flamboyant.